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Events are a big part of our community. Whether the event is for the entire community, neighborhood, your employees, your family or whatever the case might be, we want to help facilitate those events in the most efficient way possible. Many events require no permission or permit, but some events will. 

In short, we encourage all residents to host events that do not require permission or permit. This makes it easy for you and easy for us. Most events shouldn't require a permit. The only time we need to be involved is when you are requesting dedicated staff to make your event possible (traffic control, police, parks workers, etc.) or you are requesting the exclusive use of city property during your event (closing roads, entire parks/city buildings, etc.).

Before we require you to fill out an application, please take a minute to tell us what you are trying to do, then we can work with you to see if we can forgo a permit or if a permit is required.

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