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City of Orem

56 N. State St., Orem, UT, 84057, US

Orem Justice Court

Promise to Appear - Video Hearing

Phone:  801-724-3900

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Promise to Appear Agreement:  I have provided my current contact information above.  I request that my warrant be recalled and a new court date set.  I understand that failure to appear for my video hearing, may result in the warrant being re-issued and that I will not have this option to recall the warrant with a promise to appear in the future.  I understand that I will receive a separate court notice through email with my courtdate listed within two (2) business days of submitting this form.  If I do not receive this notice within the two (2) business days, it is my responsibility to follow up with the court at 801-724-3900 or  I agree to appear as directed and to go online to prior to my hearing to fill out any necessary paperwork and register for my video hearing.  


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